College is the main gateway to create human intellectuals through the educational process undertaken. The development of religion cannot be separated from the role of intellectual community with various competencies. Universities and colleges become the main base in higher education. Newly invented inventions and research can be used in support of religion and religious services.

The digital era provides disruption impact on various aspects of people’s lives. In the world of education requires an innovation and strategy to be able to adapt to the development of increasingly digital society. Buddhist Religious colleges in Indonesia are also facing similar challenges; the increasingly disruptive digital era has to be addressed with various strategies and management in order to survive the present and the future. New strategies and management are needed in providing Buddhist religious education services in the present era. A very important necessity is how innovations and strategies are created and implemented by not abandoning academic value and Buddhist values.

With an in-depth analysis of qualitative data, universities as well as various government regulatory factors, policies, and digital media influencing, digital strategies provide an overview of steps, ways of working, and business processes that can be used as a roadmap in pursuing Buddhist higher education in the digital age. The analysis resulted in the direction of planning and the strategic steps of colleges to be implemented immediately in order to adapt, to face digital disruption, and to provide maximum Buddhist religious education services.


About heriyanto lim
Heriyanto, Lecturer at the State College Buddhist of Sriwijaya. Subject: Computer Science, Multimedia and Statistics (Certificates of expert-level statistics). IT Support Specialist, Maintenance and Programming (Java, Visual Basic, etc).

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